Steampunk Clothing

Some people I know think that you need a bunch of money to buy fancy steampunk clothes and fancy steampunk stores.

You don’t.

I have a ton of normal clothes that, when paired together, create amazing steampunk things. A bunch of stuff I have listed below are things that can be steampunk.


  • Plain colored shirts can go with anything. Neutral colors work best
  • Something frilly paired with a leather or military jacket
  • An oversized t-shirt layered with a corset (I know corsets aren’t considered normal, but they’re still really cool)
  • Military, leather, biker, trench coats


  • Olive green pants or cargo pants
  • A plain pair of jeans with Sharpie to create a steampunk pattern


  • A plain black or neutral colored shirt
  • Lacy or frilly skirts
  • Most skirts from Hot Topic (if paired with the right shirt)
  • Skirts with studs, zippers, buttons, or lace-up ribbon


  • Key necklaces
  • Leather chokers
  • Gold/brass watches (with hands)
  • Necklaces with mini clock charms
  • Certain jewelry from Claire’s


  • Black or brown flats
  • Leather boots
  • Combat boots
  • Certain pairs of Converse
  • Leather sandals

These are just a few of the things that are wearable. Keep in mind that you can always Sharpie a shirt to give it a pattern you like. You can also burn and rip the edges of things, and sew on your own decals.


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